About Indulgent Chef

At Indulgent Chef, we pride ourselves in offering Chef-at-home experiences, private and corporate functions, as well as platter delivery, we want to challenge this norm and offer our clients an experience that will truly indulge their senses!  Indulgent Chef provides catering services to Burlington and all surrounding areas.

About Chef Maggie

Margaret Mruck, or as must know her as Chef Maggie, started her culinary career at a very early age. Spending much of her early years in the kitchen, baking treats and honing her skills.  She quickly established a name for herself as someone with an amazing palette and skill for creating unique and delicious goods.  

Taking advantage of a long family history of Polish cooking and culinary delights, Maggie established her own Cake business in 2004.  She ran her company for many years and over that time, provided many celebratory creations that both delighted and amazed her clients.

Out of a desire to continue to improve her skills and grow her passion, Maggie decided to make daring decision and go back to school to complete her Culinary Management Degree.   Graduating from Liaison College with both Honours and the coveted President’s Award, Maggie established her new company, Indulgent Chef and has quickly become a popular name in the catering business!